Cassie Has “MASSIVE” Boobs now! CHECK ‘EM OUT!!

Looks like Cassie’s been spending some good money lately. In a story that appeared on, Cassie seems to have shocked everyone with her new peaks and valleys. We’ve been following her fans’ reactions to her new curves and it looks mostly positive. If you’re not blind, no way you can hate all that!

Cassie Venture appeared on the red carpet last night, for a GQ magazine event – and she had a pair of new assets. The lovely Cassie recently underwent her second breast augmentation surgery – and her new results were on display last night.

Cassie and Diddy split up over the summer after she reportedly caught the mogul being unfaithful.

One day after his ex Kim Porter’s death, Sean “Diddy” Combs was seen reuniting with Cassie Ventura, whom he recently split from this summer.

The couple seemed to be mending their relationship, after the tragic death of Diddy’s baby’s mother Kim. Diddy has been out of the limelight since Kim’s death. He’s been spending as much time as possible with his kids and family.

We’re wishing them the best of luck, and hoping for a full reconciliation. Diddy…protect your assets, man!

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