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You may ask yourselves…what’s going on here? Is he blackmailing her or something?? Good questions, my friends, because this developing situation with Nicki Minaj is a head scratcher. If you consider that most of her fans are young women, then you’ll also wonder if she’s thinking of her brand, at all. The Hollywood casting couch has been dismantled. Businessmen all over the country are on their best behavior in the presence of women because they know, a mere accusation could spell disaster for their lives. Women are finally being believed, all over the country. All of these victories are brought to you by strong women. Why then, in this environment, would a businesswoman like Nicki Minaj risk offending so many of her admirers by cozying up to a man convicted of sexual assault? In a word…

1.  Relevance.

Being relevant to the conversation, being hot on social media, and trending in the right direction is far too important for anyone in her line of work not to take seriously. She has to keep it hot! Except right now there’s no more album release and her last joint didn’t even touch #1 in the US. She was pissed about that. She even started beef with “Sicko Mode” artist, Travis Scott, because his album was #1 at the time. Apparently, she didn’t like that he had the gall to actually promote his own album well, as he captured the top spot over her. 

2.  She’s jealous of Meek.

No more beef with Cardi B… at least not on the front page. In fact, Cardi B showed up on Nicki’s ex, Meek Mills’ album just last week. Meek’s been on a high lately since he got sprung from jail, appearing on television in places like CNN, talking about criminal justice reform. He’s hot right now… she’s not. Maybe she needed a little something. Sometimes when you see your old boo and your enemy gettin’ money together, it might make you do irrational things. 

Then of course, there could be one more possible explanation…

3.  Love.

She could just love the man. He was a very young boy when he was sentenced by the State, and it was a long time ago. You really never know what happens between people, especially if you weren’t there. And yes, it seems he’s had other troubles too, but life isn’t always pie in the sky. Maybe Nicki takes to heart the phrase, “but for the grace of God, go I”.

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