If there’s one thing you should know about Lil Baby it’s that he’s talented, very talented. He brings a special skill with his rhymes that cannot be taught and does rise to the level of true artistry. His fans know this – they feel it, and that’s why he’s burning Atlanta right now, as we speak. He grew up running from the law for most of his young life, being arrested and jailed several times, on his hustle trying to survive. Now though, he’s hot on the charts, with a successful debut project to his credit, and I’m sure he feels blessed. I salute you Lil Baby, respect. But I’m here to talk about the new album, “Street Gossip”. This is a No Cap! Album Review. Let’s go.

First off, these are the 3 hottest tracks on this record:

“Pure Cocaine” – Lil Baby 

“Chastised” –Lil Baby  

“Anyway” – Lil Baby feat. 2 Chainz & Gucci Mane 

There’s a lot of hot tracks on the album, but these three are the best, that’s facts. The most impressive song on the album, “Pure Cocaine” is Lil Baby at his best. This one’s got that dope boy energy on max, and Baby puts the snap on the lyrics that the rap game demands, with quotables  like “When your wrist like this, you don’t check the forecast, every day it’s gon’ rain, yeah. Made a brick through a brick, ain’t whip up shit, this Pure Cocaine”. Rappers make money and put out records, that’s true, but you can’t be the GOAT unless real ryhmin’ is what you do. Stay right there, Lil Baby.

“Crush A Lot” is another creative triumph. It’s produced by Quay Global and is a real burner that delivers in the club. Quay’s tag is all over Lil Baby’s music, and with heat like “Pure Cocaine” and “Anyway”, these guys are compiling a catalog they should be proud of.

“Anyway” is a trapper’s delight which includes 2 Chainz and Trap Music Legend, Gucci Mane. Lyrics like “Fuck your opinion, you know how I’m Livin’,” will keep the listener lit for sure. “Anyway” is hot from beginning to end; however, there are some entries on the album that seem to lose intensity through the experience. The levels Lil Baby achieved on tracks like “Southside” don’t seem to be present on this offering. That being said, with these top songs, combined with real street smoke like “Chastised”, “Time” feat. Meek Mills, and “No Friends”,  Street Gossip is a must buy.

This review is just a blueprint – do what you feel though. Lil Baby fans are going to love these tracks, and Street Gossip is guaranteed to bring even more fans his way. I give this album 3 Daggers out of 5. The work is hot for sure, but it did not draw blood.

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