Overnight, Kanye West went on a paranoid tweet spree in what is a new chapter of beef with rapper Drake. He (Kanye) sent out over 100 tweets full of threats and warnings to Drake and passive-aggressive attacks toward his “family member” and fellow artist Travis Scott. It began after a routine request from Drake’s team for a sample release, and then Ye just loses it! Saying things like “Never threaten north saint and Chicago’s dad bro”, and reminding Drake that everybody knows somebody. I’m not sure how a request for a sample constitutes a threat, but whatever… We all know that this thing started with Kanye’s artist, Pusha T, talking about Drake’s personal life on a diss record, but it seems the hunters have become the hunted, and apparently, they’re scared now. Listen to how Drake describes the beginnings of this whole saga.


Let’s hope this situation gets resolved peacefully because this is getting out of hand. We’ll keep watching.

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