Offset videoed himself offering a full and complete apology to Cardi B last night. He acknowledged how bad he’d screwed up and, seemingly a million times, he gave Cardi B sincere apologies. 

It’s good that he’s making such a bold overture, but do we really need men humiliating themselves publicly, just to satisfy an upset young wife? This they could have done in private, and worked things out with everybody’s dignity intact. After all, they are actually married, and as he said in his post, he didn’t actually have sex with the other woman. What’s going on here? Could they both be overreacting?? One thing is for sure… they don’t make Gs like they use to, real talk. It’s their life to live though… As the saying goes, “happy wife, happy life”. We’ll keep you posted on the next chapter in this saga, whenever it drips. Let’s go!

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