Kevin Hart is being marched into court because he failed to successfully promote a gaming app project that he signed on for. Stand Up Digital is suing Kevin for 7 million dollars over breach of contract. They partnered with him to promote the launch of their mobile app back in 2017, and things did not go as planned. If you’ll remember, the comedian had been caught cheating on his wife, and some unsavory characters said they possessed a sex tape of Kevin with the other woman. Apparently, these crooks tried to blackmail Kevin Hart and extort money from him.

Well, courageously, Kevin took matters into his own hands and reported the circumstance to police. In addition, he also publicly released the details of his dirty deeds to the public himself, getting the jump on the bad guys. As you also may remember, this was huge news at the time, and for a while, it looked as though the comedian’s career was on the ropes. As it turned out, the aforementioned mobile gaming app was supposed to drop just a month after Kevin Hart, himself, spouted off about the whole affair. Stand Up Digital, the plaintiffs here, were seething over the situation and they say that Kevin never communicated with them concerning his announcement and as a result, they incurred huge damages. Apple refused to carry their product, sales tanked, and they blame Kevin.

Kevin Hart has now launched a countersuit of his own saying that this whole thing is not his fault, and claiming he is being victimized all over again. His lawyer also says,

“Instead of giving in to his would-be blackmailer, Mr. Hart took the extraordinary step of admitting his mistake publicly, apologizing to his loved ones who were no doubt hurt by this revelation, and promising to “do better” in the future”.

I think it’s great that Kevin Hart finally admitted what he did, but did he have to do it publicly? No one deserves to be blackmailed, but Kevin is the one who made the mistake and put himself in that position – he chose that route. When mistakes are bad enough, the law allows an individual or a company to seek relief for damages that may have been incurred. This too, is a part of taking full responsibility for ones own actions. Looks like Kevin’s learning, if you do dirt, one way or the other, you’re going to pay.

We’ll keep watching for every which way this situation may drip. Until next time…

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