Youngboy NBA fought with a fan at a concert in South Carolina Friday night. The fan tried to snatch Youngboy NBA’s chain, but he was not successful. The set was interrupted again because the same fan continued to heckle the artist, like a fool. TMZ first reported the incident but as you can see from this still frame of the video, yet another fan was trying to rip the chain first from the back – there were several attempts. When Youngboy NBA’s hype man addressed the fan from the stage, an even bigger fight broke out in the audience. Check the video out here.

We’ve previously reported on Youngboy’s beef, and recent run-in with Moneybagg Yo at a mall last week. It’s also been reported that Moneybagg Yo put out a bounty on Youngboy NBA’s chain. We of course don’t know if that had anything to do with the actions of these fans, but it sure is a strange coincidence.

There’s plenty of video showing Youngboy NBA riding the shoulders of his bodyguards through a concert crowd in the past, as he does here. Given how crazy people can be these days, maybe he should stay on stage from now on. We love reporting on these guys, and we’ll bring it to you, the next time this situation drips. Let’s get it, peace.