The Blast has reported that it has documents pertaining to a 2017 sexual assault case – an incident that allegedly happened at Chris Brown’s L.A. mansion. The filings accused Chris Brown of harassing the victim in the case, known only as “Jane Doe”.

The claim of harassment stems from Brown’s assertion that he needs to video tape the accuser if she’s ever allowed to come back to his home and gather evidence for the upcoming trial. Jane Doe has a motion before a judge right now, asking to survey Chris Brown’s home, and she wants to do it without anyone looking…hmm.

The incident in question is a drawn-out, sordid, and nasty affair, but I’ll do my best. Here goes…

After partying at 1 Oak night club in Los Angeles, Jane Doe and a friend accepted an invitation to go back to Chris Brown’s mansion for an after party. Upon arrival the girls were stripped of their phones, yet they entered anyway. Chris Brown, himself, apparently offered the girls cocaine, molly, and marijuana, as soon as they arrived also.

The accuser says Brown was walking around waving a gun all night, for reasons unexplained. According to the accuser, somehow the partying ended up in a bedroom of the mansion where Chris Brown is said to have ordered the door blocked with furniture. Not sure why a party full of people would end up in a bedroom instead of the living area of a home, let alone a home described as a “mansion”, but…whatever.

Now in the bedroom “partying”, the accuser describes how Chris Brown took off his clothing. I’m about to tell you about the sex that happened next, but I think it interesting that the only person described as taking off their clothes was Chris Brown. Next, “Jane Doe” says that an unnamed woman straddled her face and forced her into oral sex, and she describes the woman being on her period – I warned you this would be nasty. Allegedly, while this was happening, Chris Brown’s friend, Lowell Grissom Jr., had intercourse with her and raped her several times.

According to Jane Doe, while all of this was going on, her mother was trying to call her, but was not successful. The mother then used the tracking app on her phone to find Jane Doe, and ordered police to Chris Brown’s place. While at the door, Chris Brown and his crew are said to have stalled the cops, who then left without even entering the home to possibly save the girls. Somehow, though, the girls were still able to escape.

Brown is not mentioned as the actual perpetrator, but regardless, his dwelling was the scene of the alleged crime – not good for Chris.

In his own defense, Chris Brown points out that he didn’t touch the alleged victim, nor was he violent with her. He also says that Jane Doe herself says Chris was occupied with sex in another room with other women. Not sure if that’s exactly what she said, but that’s Chris Brown’s “interpretation”. So here we are.

So many questions though…

Who is this other woman, and why was she not charged with rape or sexual assault?

When did the alleged participants in the sex acts in question take off their clothing, including the victim? Why is there only a description of Chris Brown?

Who all was high? Did they take these drugs willingly or were they forced?

So many questions – so little time. We’ll definitely be watching for the next “drip” of this scandalous and maybe even criminal circumstance. Until then, be great!

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