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Just a day after Christmas, Forest Whitaker filed for divorce in his marriage with actress and model, Keisha Nash Whitaker. The couple have been together for over 22 years, and have always been seen as one of the bright spots in Hollywood marriages. Meeting on the set of the movie “Blown Away” back in 1996, Keisha has been known to describe their beginnings as her being “swept away” by Forest when they met.

They share two children together and each had one child before they married – all of whom are adults now, so child support is not expected to be an issue. However, if any of the children are continuing education in college, there may, eventually, be interests that have to be addressed.

Forest has sited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for his filing, but it begs the question – what’s going on here? Why would these two, by all known accounts, very compatible and happy spouses want to part ways now?

Could Forrest’s ever exploding success be an issue? With his recent successes like the movie “Black Panther”, Forest Whitaker’s career seems like an unstoppable freight train that many might envy. We should not forget that Keisha Nash is an actor as well, but doesn’t seem to have any noticeable work since 2008. Could professional jealousy be at play here?

Could health be an issue? Some years ago it was big news that Keisha Nash Whitaker was frighteningly thin. It was thought that there may be a health condition, or even drug use going on. Keisha was seen in photos earlier this year looking a lot better, but no reasons have ever been discovered as to why she had such shocking weight-loss, just a few years ago.

We all know the usual reasons… infidelity, growing apart, and money, but these two aren’t the usual sort. You never know how these kinds of things might surprise you. So we’ll be watching for every little “drip” of this situation. Until next time friends, bye.

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