It’s been a whole year now and it seems she just won’t come back home. Usher’s life is in turmoil, after a horrible last couple years, full of legal issues and a marriage in shambles. Yesterday, the singer filed for divorce in Atlanta from his wife of only a few years, Grace Miguel.

Usher and his estranged wife publicly announced their separation back in March, 2018. However, they let it be known that Grace had been gone since Christmas time 2017, after a shocking barrage of lawsuits from stray women claiming that Usher, the artist himself, had given them herpes. With no strong rebuttal from Usher, in fact no pushback at all, it seemed to take hold with the general public that maybe, just maybe, these claims were true. There was even a similar claim from a man, but I know no one who believed it – still, to each his own.

In the midst of all the unfortunate happenings in Usher’s life, it seems for Grace, the whole thing was just too much to take. Far from a “ride or die”, Grace walked out, just when any man would really need his wife. Or maybe from her prospective – a good wife just got tired of all the lies… many, many, lies.

All the lawsuits now seem to be settled, and confidentiality agreements signed. Though Usher just filed for divorce recently, that too seems to be settled, and confidentiality agreements signed – already. Everything is wrapped up in a neat little bow – no work, true communication, or commitment needed. I think we all know something else that should’ve been “wrapped up” as well… but I guess that’s the life of a superstar.

On the other hand, Usher has been making some of his best music lately. He and super producer Zaytoven recently dropped an album with some serious heat. Listen to Usher’s latest, as he cries out, “Give me another chance to be your man”, in the song “You Decide”.

Apparently, Grace Miguel did decide, and now Usher’s life must move on. We’ll be paying close attention to what comes of this circumstance, friends, and we’ll let you know the next time it drips. Peace.

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