Tekashi69 is said to have stayed silent over the Christmas holiday, and didn’t get his own child, Saraiyah, anything for Christmas. TMZ is reporting that a close family friend says he hasn’t communicated at all. As most of you know, Tekashi is being held in federal lockup on robbery and possible racketeering charges, but somehow, that didn’t stop him from gifting his girlfriend a brand new G-Wagon for Christmas. Her name is Jade, and she loves to brag…check her out on Instagram.

Did you catch her caption? She says, “AIN’T NO CAR PAYMENTS PERIOD EARLY XMAS GIFT”.

We don’t really know what he could be going through – federal prosecutors have a bad habit of “freezing accounts”, but considering Tekashi was just taking pictures with his little Saraiyah in October, he definitely has some explaining to do. Wsup bro… talk.

We’ll be paying close attention to see how this situation drips from here on. When we know, rest assured, you’ll know. Be great people, later.

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