Future will be the highest paid rapper on New Year’s Eve! He’s reportedly bringing home a bag of $400,000, for just the one night. The ATL Producer is set to perform at Drai’s in Las Vegas, and with all of his huge hits, the partygoers will get everything they paid for and more.

Down in Miami, Lil Wayne & Nicki Minaj will pair up for the night at LIV Nightclub. They’ll bring home a total of $250,000 to rock the mic. TMZ is reporting that these two know the owner, David Grutman, and are discounting their rate for the evening.

We also have Detroit checking! Lil Baby & Gunna are racking up at the Masonic Temple in Detroit and picking up a bag of $110,000. These two are totally hot in the streets with two projects pushing hits right now, so that scene should be major lit.

We’ll be checking to see who else reports in with the cash flow for the big night and bringing it to you, every time it drips. Until next time people, later!

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