It was first said that Cassie had met a guy she likes, who happens to be a personal trainer, when she and Diddy broke up. But the real story is, the guy is actually “her” personal trainer, and her billionaire boyfriend was footing the bill for his “services” the whole time. The trainer in question is named Alex Fine, and he’d actually just been subbing for Cassie’s usual guy all year long. TMZ is reporting that Diddy feels betrayed, and is sure her new relationship began before he and Cassie called it quits.

She got the bag, she got her boobs, and just like that, she’s gone. In her defense though, Cassie wasn’t just a fly-by-night honey. She was with Diddy, or should I say, they were in a relationship together, for 10 years. It may be she simply has seen all she needs to see, and knows it’s time for her to move on. Yes, they were in a committed relationship, but Cassie just witnessed him grieve the death of Kim Porter, mother of three of Diddy’s children and the actual matriarch of his family.

Looking in the eyes of a grieving man will show you where his heart truly is. In an already strained relationship, maybe all of that was just too much for Cassie to take, as it would be for any young, beautiful woman that knows her worth. Death tells stories, it does not bury them.

Should Sean Combs’ fabulous wealth matter in this situation? Many people think it should, but it doesn’t. As the saying goes…the heart wants what it wants.

As for Cassie, she seems really cozy in her photos with her new man, and it may be that she has found “the one”.

However, it’s hard to tell what’s next for Diddy. It’s alright though, he should be okay, right? He’s made a life and career out of being the ladies man and a tough guy. Ever the player, I’m sure he’ll easily move on and just change ’em up like socks…right? Real life and real love is never that simple, nor should it be.

We’re going to be paying attention to the happenings with these two because I’m almost certain the last chapter has not been written yet. Until the next time it drips, people…peace.

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