Lifetime’s bombshell docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly“, is two shows down now, and has a finale that airs tonight. With historic viewership, the series examines, in detail, the early life of R. Kelly, explosive revelations of alleged abuse of young girls, and his high-stakes legal battle to stay out of jail.

The producers of the series found over 50 people from R. Kelly’s life to provide personal testimony of things they’ve experienced with the superstar. People from his business world, relatives, and many of the young women he’s alleged to have abused, all seem to have similar and disturbing things to say about the singer.

Though one diverging opinion from R. Kelly’s older brother Bruce, who is interviewed from jail, does show support for the singer, all others come together to paint a very disturbing picture of his entire life.

Singer Sparke is featured prominently in the series. Speaking of the moment she realized she should never have introduced R. Kelly to her 12 year old niece, she says, “I thought I left my niece in good hand, but think of a grown man hanging out with young girls”.

The second night of the series focused on the exposure of the sextape with an alleged underaged girl that brought the singer’s life to a screeching halt. It also went on in great detail about the ensuing trial that gripped the country soon after. There were was an admission from R. Kelly’s brother, Bruce, about hush-money offered to him and their younger brother, Carey. There was also lots of testimony from others about the lengths R. Kelly went to in order to silence witnesses, and it all made for riveting television.

As for R. Kelly, he has never admitted to any wrongdoing, and TMZ reported that he was threatening to sue Lifetime if they aired the docuseries at all, but obviously Lifetime has not backed down. The last of the 6-hour series airs tonight.

We’ll be watching to see what’s next, my friends. When we know, you’ll know. Until next time… be great!

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