New artist Da Great Ape has showed up on my radar with rhyme skills that can’t be ignored. I first heard his single “Out Trap Me” on Facebook, being shared by his fans. Perhaps with the boldness reflected in his choice of stage name, I soon found that his management had dropped his new EP in my email box – that’s hustle.

Da Great Ape is from the mean streets of southside Atlanta, Ga… East Point, to be exact. To his credit as an artist, when I listened to his work, I could immediately feel the heat from the streets in his flow – there is vengeance in his voice. The ability to truly reflect is the mark of the best artists. Hot work is why I do this. I’m going to examine Da Great Ape’s new EP called “Ape Sh*t”. The EP is only 3 songs deep, I’ll let you know what’s really hot. This is a No Cap! Music Review. Let’ Go!

Off the top, the hottest song on the EP is “Out Trap Me”. Check it out…

“Well Spoken”

“Dreams of a Dopeboy”

“Out Trap Me” hits you like a bomb when you first hear the track and it get’s better as the song develops. The theme of the song is really interesting and it works. Listening to a guy with a name like The Great Ape telling you for 4 minutes that he won’t let anybody sell more dope than him is just an entertaining experience. I guess we all have our quotas, don’t we? With lyrics like…

“The rap game really saved me, but see these bricks really made me”.

Or flows like…

“It’s a 4th down play, little ni**a don’t fumble. Speak up like a man, bi**h ni**a don’t mumble”.

Or Da Great Ape’s declaration…

“Do whatever for Cake. Call me Caesar in the city, on this Planet of the Apes”.

This particular jam is going to serve the artist well as it’s set’s out his message very impressively, and it’s sure to be a fan favorite for a long time.

The next record on Da Great Ape’s EP is called, Well Spoken. The beat pushes strong and it’s club hot with rhymes that provide clear depictions.

“I only hang around killers… prostitutes, crack smokers, and drug dealers. Got the mind and muscle, ni**a. I got the brains and the hustle, ni**a”.

Or flexing like…

“My story is real sad though… but my bi**hes is super bad though”.

Or, as I told you in the intro…vengeance.

“I pray to God you ni**as take my chain, Imma make you ni**as feel my pain. I’ll make my man send shots at ya dame. Matter fact, put a whole in ya brain – lil ni**a”.

Any fan will love this track. It’s super hot, though it lacks the benefit of a song title that reflects the true nature and theme of the song. If reworked for release on a full length album, the song title should probably be updated as well.

The third and final song on the EP is called, “Dreams of a Dopeboy”. This cut is actually my personal favorite. The lyrics from top to bottom on this joint are laser sharp. With a reframe that says “Dopeboy say, Amen”, the track is full of cut close lyrics like…

“Late night we was paper chasin’ on 85 when we drag racin’. Beast-mode but I still pacin’ from catchin’ juggs at the gas station. I buss on her lip, put fire on her hip, don’t play bout my chips. Bi**h lovin’ my drip, Um reppin’ da gang, Um bangin’ the Crip”.

THERE ARE NO HOOKS ON THIS RECORD! Aside from hot beats, Da Great Ape is entertaining the listener with his instrument, his message, and his lyricism – that’s why I highly recommend this EP and the artist.

This EP is very hot work, and it does Draw Blood. I give the EP, “Ape Sh*t”, by The Great Ape 4 out of 5 Daggers Drippin’.

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