In a lengthy Instagram post, R&B singer Tank says “I cannot separate the music from the monster”, in reference to the devastating Lifetime docuseries on the misdeeds of R&B legend, R. Kelly. After wrapping it’s three night 6 hour series about R. Kelly’s life-long penchant for controlling young girls, Tank decided to chime in with this…

He also went on to speak of his own daughters and expressed regret that he had not come to that determination about R. Kelly before now. Other celebrities have also had strong comments in the aftermath of the Lifetime series, and it’s caused a huge buzz around the internet. TMZ reports Jada Pinkett exclaims, “What Am I missing”, in regards to the fact that R. Kelly’s music streams have jumped off the charts since the docuseries started.

This is a tough situation for all R&B fans as R. Kelly has meant a lot to black music since he first arrived on the scene, some 30 years ago. This news is not new, unfortunately, it’s just hard to take.

We’ll be watching the situation folks, and we’ll let you know every time it drips. Be great people.

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