Less than a month after being released from jail for probation violations, reality star Tommie Lee from Love and Hip Hop Atlanta has been arrested again – on felony child abuse charges.

TMZ reports that these charges stem from an October incident where Tommie Lee marched into her daughter’s middle school, disrupted class, and slapped the child in the face. They say she then dragged her daughter down the hall and violently jacked her up on the school lockers.

Tommie Lee was arrested that day for assaulting her daughter. She was released the next day and told to stay away from the child, but within just a few hours, Tommie Lee violated that order and went to visit her daughter anyway. She was promptly arrested AGAIN the next day.

The whole time, she had a DUI plea deal and probation hanging over her head, so she stayed in jail for over a month. Getting arrested that many times so quickly will violate any probation agreement – no doubt.

Now after being out of jail for just a few weeks, the fallout from beating up her daughter in public has come calling with 7 counts of child abuse, 3 of which we’re told are felonies. This could land Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s reality star, Tommie Lee, into a very real state prison for 54 years.

I wonder who’s acting now… is it her, or is it state authorities? Her, them… I wonder?

Who puts their hands on a child like that anymore these days, period? What kind of crazy do you have to be to beat up your daughter in public? Far too many people in this world seem to be lying in wait, just to have someone smaller to push around, and it’s despicable.

She’s been to jail for this thing or that thing for years now. Looks like LHHATL’s Tommie Lee is finally going to learn what actual “reality” looks like, but it’s just awful that she had to bring an innocent child along for her gnarly ride.

We’ll be paying close attention to the developments here and let you know every time it drips. Until next time…

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