On January 8th, Chicago State Attorney Kim Foxx made the bold move of announcing that her office is encouraging any victims or anyone who believes they are a witness to R. Kelly’s alleged crimes to come forward and call the Cook County State Attorneys office. She also provided a phone number to call, and that number is being circulated around the internet right now, thus letting the world know that R. Kelly is officially under criminal investigation. With less specificity than a poorly worded Google search – Cook County wants it all.

For now, it looks like at least one of R. Kelly’s alleged victims, and 2 families of other accusers, say they plan to contact authorities with evidence they hope will be used to prosecute the singer. TMZ is reporting that the Fulton County District Attorney’s office in Atlanta, Ga. has opened an investigation as well. They’ve been reaching out to his accusers to find out exactly what went on in R. Kelly’s former Atlanta mansion. Fulton County investigators have been in contact with Asante McGee, who has said that she actually had to make an escape from the R&B singer’s home, after being held.

This, well deserved, ridicule over how R. Kelly has been living his life has been around approaching 20 years now. He was acquitted of child abuse charges way back in 2008, though most of us believe he should have been convicted. The point is… his predilections are no secret. What R. Kelly is and how he operates is not a mystery – he’s been on front-street for a long time now.

So, what’s going on here…?

Were these young girls needlessly put in harms way? R. Kelly is obviously a major narcissist, and considering all the trouble these weird and what seems like wildly abusive relationships have caused him, I think it would be reasonable for one to conclude that the man must be a sociopath as well. He just doesn’t feel for the lives of these girls.

Having said that, I do have a few uncomfortable questions that need to be answered. Readers, please feel free to help me if you can.

Were any of the accusers or witnesses that appeared in “Surviving R. Kelly” paid for their stories? I would feel uncomfortable trusting the narrative of a person who was paid for their testimony – that’s why reputable news organizations don’t do it, or so they tell us.

How much money has Lifetime made off of “Surviving R. Kelly”? It may seem that the documentary was meant for the public good, but let’s be honest, Lifetime is a media giant – they’re out for Lifetime. This is a money-grab situation – no doubt.

Why didn’t they ever try to stop Hugh Hefner? Running a much more prolific operation, subjugating teenage girls with the promise of luxury and riches centered around actual pornography, Hugh Heffner was not only left to do his work in peace, but he was praised until the day he died.

Are these men being treated differently because one is white and the other is black? Many of you might not know this, but one of Bill Cosby’s youngest accusers says she met him at the Playboy Mansion, hanging out with Hugh Hefner… that’s a fact. She was only 15 years old.

Charlie Sheen famously declared he had a fantasy life with several girlfriends. Until of course, the conversation took a turn to his, very real, AIDS diagnosis.

Could the only real difference here be the color of R. Kelly’s skin? Could the notion of one man having several women only be too hard to take when that man is black?

Still, the one thing I worry about most… let’s say we get what we want, and his sick operation gets shut down and recording studio shuttered. If he’s not actually in jail, R. Kelly is reeling from plummeting records sales, a life in shambles, and he has finally been taught a lesson. Then on a cold and windy westside of Chicago day, with R. Kelly having little left to offer, yet another lost daughter of this misguided and unscrupulous world walks right up to R. Kelly’s front door, and begins to knock.

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