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Love & Hip Hop star Teairra Mari was just ordered to pay 50 Cent $30k in lawyer’s fees in her revenge porn case. The Blast is reporting that a Los Angeles judge dismissed the case and handed Teairra the bad news. You might remember, last year Teairra had a break up with her then-boyfriend, Akbar Abdul-Ahad, and she claimed he gained access to her Instagram account and posted a sex tape of the two. Enter internet troll 50 Cent… 50 captured a screen shot of ejaculate on Teairra’s face, brushed it up, and shared it with his 18 million followers on Instagram.

For her part, Teairra says that she dumped Akbar because he wanted her to be in a polyamorous relationship, and when he couldn’t have his way, he got angry and released the tape. Akbar’s wife did wonder aloud as to how one dumps an already married man… but whatever.

Listen to Teairra’s tearful press conference just a week after the whole thing went down…

Revenge porn is a terrible thing, and men should man-up and take their lumps like grown-ups. As it was, her “boyfriend” was already married – how gluttonous. Teairra apparently couldn’t prove her case to the satisfaction of the law, but one thing is sure, 50 Cent, Akbar’s friend, did post the photo. How unmanly does it look that two men might have actually teamed up to bully this one woman? Is that fair?

The judge could have ordered her to pay his entire legal fees, a reported sum of $161, 660.15, but he didn’t. While 50 cent didn’t have to pay a civil judgement, and a win is a win, he does still have a hefty fine for his distasteful behavior against women. Perhaps Teairra can seek solace in that.

We’ll be paying attention to what else, if anything, comes of this situation. Until the next time it drips… peace.

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