R&B singer Monica is back on the scene with a hot new single called “Commitment”. Myself, and the rest of her fans have been waiting to see how she might rise again, after cutting ties with her longtime record label, RCA.

Right on cue with the new year, this Atlanta legend delivered news of several new beginnings in her life; a new charity, The BeHuman Foundation, her own new record label, Mondeenise Music, and a new album called Chapter 38. Looks like we have an all new Monica ladies and gentlemen.

The single “Commitment” is just what Monica does best, sultry expressions from a love-struck sistah, ATL baddie, looking for a man that will treat her right – a man that’s ready for “Commitment”. The track plays with the listener, making unique rhythms using an attractive bass sound. Spicing it up lyrically, Monica boldly declares, “I need good sex and commitment”.

However, having so many things going for it, the piece still lacks a winning melody. Monica singing over anything will make that thing worthwhile, but a hot R&B song will require all parts performing at top levels – the melody seems to fall short.

I give “Commitment” by Monica 3 out 5 Daggers. The song is fresh and creative, but it does not Draw Blood.

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