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Ok, so this is bad… Rock star Rihanna has filed suit against her own father, Ronald Fenty, claiming he’s trying to get rich off of her name. The Blast reports that she also claims her father and a business associate, Moses Perkins, have been acting as her representatives, when they are not.

The two men started a company called Fenty Entertainment. Rihanna says they’ve generated over $15 million in erroneous bookings, promoting a Latin America tour, and inking large venues like the Staples Center here in the states.

The “Bit*# Better Have My Money” singer says she told the men to stop it, but they persisted, so she slapped them with the papers – shut it down.

Her father should not go about acting as if he represents her. Most of us know that their relationship, Rihanna says, has been traumatizing to the singer, but can a daughter tell a father that he cannot use his own name?

Fathers give names, they do not take them.

Until recent history, Rihanna went by one name. Why then did she choose to create value in the Fenty name, promoting her Fenty product line, knowing it belonged to a man that she did not trust? Might she have thought better of that?

She’s been using the name that her father gave her to promote herself all of her life. There’s no law that says she had to do that… is there?

This one will be interesting, but it’s bound to be ugly too. We’ll be watching for every little drip, friends. Until next time…

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