Lil Pump is checking in with a hot new song and a crazy video. It features countless $300k cars, all with “butterfly doors”. He’s been on the bubble for over a year now, coming off the success of the track “Gucci Gang” and a slew of winning collaborations with the game’s biggest stars.

His fans have been anxiously waiting for his upcoming album, said to be titled, “Harvard Dropout”. Anticipation is strong, but the label keeps pushing the project back, for whatever reasons. In the meantime, he’s banking on the track “Butterfly Doors” to wet it up again until the album drops.

“Butterfly Doors” is hot. It’s got a slow rock beat that easily catches a bounce with the listener, and popping bass that fits well with Lil Pump’s flow. He keeps the same touch and lyrical style that brought him to this moment, the usual flexing about money, women, and cars – riding the track without a feature from anyone else.

However, the producers probably should have brought in another voice to mix up the sound just a bit. “Butterfly Doors” seems to lose energy and intensity near it’s end… and it’s a short song to begin with. I expect a hot feature will likely be added to the track by the time the record is released on the upcoming album. The song does sound good though, and Lil Pump is working with something, again.

It should be noted that the piece has been revised in the last few weeks because of criticism from the Asian community, due to offensive lyrics. Art in flux…we’ll see what happens next.

I give “Butterfly Doors” by Lil Pump 3 out of 5 Daggers. It cranks up fresh, but it loses the edge too quick – it does not Draw Blood.

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