Kanye West is getting really nervous about Drake. Recently on Twitter he lost it and told Drake, “don’t follow my f***king wife on Instagram”. He also tweeted, “Who’s bright idea was it to tell Drake to follow my wife on Instagram? This person is not Drakes friend”.

Huh, Kanye?… Now you have to be actual friends with someone to follow them on Instagram? Kim Kardashian West has over 123  million followers – she cannot possibly be a friend to each one.

Kanye also had another Twitter overload about Drake not long ago, where his wife Kim Kardashian, had to step in and calm him down. Put that with his irrational paranoia over the smallest of things in recent days, then you have to ask – is Kanye West simply the “backstabber” that forgot he too has a back?

After all, Kanye West sent Pusha T, who is not only a rapper, but President of Kanye’s own record label, Good Music, to drop a diss track about Drake. A diss track filled with some of the most personal shots not heard on a record since the Tupac and Biggie drama, and we all know how terribly that ended. 

In “The Story of Adidon”, Pusha T made deeply personal digs at Drake that  exposed his relationship with a Baby Mama with a less than desirable reputation. He used the name of a newborn baby boy to attack his own father, and taunted Drake with the phrase, ” It’s gon be a surgical summer”.

To be real, “The Story of Adidon” was one of the hottest records in the last 20 years. It was awesome – until you put the pieces together and realize just how nasty it was.

At the time, Drake stayed silent. He did not release a clapback record. However, Drake has since let it be known that the information used in “The Story of Adidon” concerning his son and the boy’s mother, he had confided in Kanye West. Drake maintains this is how the record was made, and how the attack was launched.

Now it seems that Kanye West is sweating, and waiting to see what Drake will do next. My only questions are… does Kanye deserve this fear? Did he forget that he has a family? Did he forget that he has a back too?

The one thing I do know is men don’t advance themselves on the backs of babies, period.

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