Why is Colin Kapernick’s girlfriend calling other men “sellouts” for doing business with the NFL, while her own man lives off NFL money everyday?

We respect Kaepernick for standing up against police brutality and social injustices, but he and his crew should stay out of other peoples’ pockets, for real. This is all getting out of hand.

“Sicko Mode” rapper Travis Scott bent over backward to show respect to Kaepernick by giving him a call, before accepting a possibly career making offer from the NFL to perform on the Super Bowl halftime stage. Instead of appreciating such a gracious and respectful jesture, Kaepernick sent his team out to disparage and discredit the young rapper.

TMZ reported that Kaepernick’s friend and morning show host Ebro Darden tweeted, of reports that Travis Scott consulted with Colin Kaepernick, “Kap did not approve of this bullshit! Get the fu** outta here”. In addition, Kaepernick’s well known girlfriend, Nessa, seconded that expression by saying, “FACTS @ EBRO!!!! THEY NEED TO STOP LYING”. Here’s Ebro’s tweet…

A couple days before this, Nessa went even further, by posting the definition of the phrase “sell out” when it was announced that Atlanta’s Big Boi would be joining Travis Scott and headliner, Maroon 5, for the halftime show as well. See how she strides…

Now I’m not sure what these people believe the definition of “consultation” is, but I’ll just leave it right here…

Nowhere there does it say the act of taking orders from a boss… nowhere. Furthermore, Kaepernick should probably start actually speaking for himself on these matters, and stop sending friends and girlfriends.

The very article Ebro Darden cites does not claim that Kaepernick approved of Travis Scott’s Super Bowl decision, it says Kaepernick was consulted, and that he was. Undoubtedly a mistake by a well intentioned young brother, Travis Scott, but he did get a consultation from Colin Kaepernick. Just because in the end, Travis Scott didn’t hear anything to make him change his mind about his pending NFL assignment, doesn’t mean the consultation didn’t happen. There was no lie – Travis Scott did confer with Colin Kaepernick, before he finalized his decision.

When one decides to sacrifice his or her own personal riches in order to support a cause, that would be one’s own personal decision. It’s a bold thing to do and it surely takes courage, but that decision is for that individual, and not meant for anyone else. If everybody was doing it, would it be so bold, and so courageous? No.

For Colin Kaepernick and his friends to go around thinking everyone should sacrifice their own personal income for his cause, there must be a voluminous cloud of sheer arrogance following around this crazy cabal – that’s not how life works. While many people appreciate his stand on social issues, it seems that Kaepernick’s crew has become full of themselves, and should probably mind their own business.

We see he’s still on the free agent list. Apparently, Kaepernick isn’t too good for NFL money.

Kaepernick has taken at least $39 million dollars from the NFL in the last few years. Has he given any of that money back? His NFL Jersey still sells off the meter, and I know he says he donates his share from jersey sales to charity, but I’m sure he cashes the checks first. Is there any accounting for these profits and subsequent donations, and can we see them?

Kaepernick and other powerful supporters like Jay Z have made it clear they don’t want others doing business with the NFL, yet they cash NFL checks all the time, and concentrate their efforts on getting even more money out of the NFL, not less. Jay Z has several football players signed to his Roc Nation Sports making NFL checks, which means Jay Z is making big NFL money. Why can’t anyone else?

Colin Kaepernick stands at the ready to accept his next NFL contract, and he actively campaigns for it. If the NFL is so evil, why doesn’t he simply quit or retire? He asks others to refuse NFL employment, yet at the same time, he has his hand out. There are other places in the world to play football, but Colin Kaepernick holds out for the NFL.

Really… what of this hypocrisy?

We already know what the move is – these guys are just using their power and popularity to strengthen their own bargaining hand. Telling less wealthy and powerful, yet deserving, talents like Travis Scott to turn down NFL offers, so they can capitalize in the vacuum. If Kaepernick and Jay Z weren’t using an important issue like police brutality to buttress this strategy, it wouldn’t be so offensive – but they are and it is.

Colin Kaepernick nor anyone else has the right to tell others how to make their money. As long as what you do is legal – it’s nobody’s business but yours. Stay out of other peoples’ pockets.

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