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It’s been reported that Mariah Carey has filed suit against a former employee named Lianna Azarian. She started serving as a personal assistant to Mariah back in 2015, and was fired a couple years later. After that, Mariah says Azarian started blackmailing her! TMZ is reporting that Mariah is suing the former right hand for $3 million, and vows not to be pushed around anymore.

Mariah says that Azarian threatened to release secret tapes of embarrassing personal moments if Mariah didn’t cough up $8 million. Still, there is no word of whether Mariah actually has any proof of unlawful demands – blackmail is indeed a crime. Since it was announced, we’ve all been trying to figure out what’s going on with the situation, as the legal docs are vague and Mariah’s team is quiet. Enter the accuser…

Today we hear that Lianna Azarian has countered with her own lawsuit and it’s chock full of the gritty details. According to her, Mariah and an aggressive employee, by the name of Stella Bulochnikov, have been abusing Azarian. She says Ms Bulochnikov, a former manager for Mariah, was slapping her on the butt, touching her breasts, and for whatever reason, actually tackled the girl, and held her on the ground… huh? She also says Mariah abused her too, and knew what Bulochnikov was doing to her.

Can anyone imagine men getting away with this sort of behavior? Recently over at CBS, an accuser pulled in a $9.5 million payout over what CBS claims were, simple jokes. Are the rules different when the aggressors are women? Talk…

Azarian’s Lawyer, Mark Quigley, denies any assertion that his client was blackmailing Mariah, and he calls those claims “baseless”. He also asserts Mariah is just trying to deflect from the fact that she runs a hostile workplace.

Wonder how this one will turn out… We’ll be watching closely, and we’ll let you know every time it drips. Until next time…

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