The City Girls have been on a true meteoric rise from the start. Since being virtual unknowns in 2017, to featuring on the biggest song of 2018 only a year later with Drake’s “In My Feeling”, these girls are bound to scorch the rap game for a long time.

They also managed to squeeze two studio albums plus a documentary into 2018, so the work don’t stop. Their second album is Girl Code and there you’ll find the heavenly single “Twerk” featuring Cardi B. It took awhile, but they’ve finally officially released the single with an amazing video. It features Cardi B in a Bengal tiger pant suit, twerking it up. The video is the product of a twerk competition the City Girls cooked up in Miami, and it makes for a hot backdrop to this great single.

I give “Twerk” by the City Girls & Cardi B 4 out of 5 Daggers Drippin’. The track is crazy, the visual is major fun, and it does Draw Blood. Run it!

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