A man named James Mason, apparently a former manager of R. Kelly, turned himself in to the Henry County Sherriff’s Department, as they have been looking for him since August on an arrest warrant. TMZ reported last year that Joycelyn Savage’s father said that James Mason called him and said, “I’m gonna do harm to you and your family, when I see you I’m gonna get you. I’m going to fu**&$* kill you”. WTH! Who do these people think they are?!!

Thankfully, a Henry County judge has finally reigned in “Mr. Lightweight” Mason, and let him know who’s boss. The judge told him to stay away from Joycelyn Savage and her family. Mason was also told not to leave the country, and hit with a $10,000 bond.

While her parents have vowed to get Joycelyn out of R. Kelly’s grips, it looks like for now, Joycelyn just won’t come home. They say she’s been brainwashed and they are desperately trying to talk her back. By now, she has to be one of R. Kelly’s most talked about live-ins, alleged victims, at this point. Here she is…

It’s a sad story for the family, but we here at Alldaydrip.com lift them up, and pray they get Joycelyn back at home where she belongs. Until the next time it drips, friends… Peace.

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