Future is checking in with his brand new album, Future Hndrxx Presents: The Wizrd. After an extremely productive 2018 with two top ten collaborative albums, and curating the soundtrack to the movie Superfly, Future plays no games, and drops the first major release of 2019.

Being one of the top rappers in the world, success is a habit, and Future’s music has come to be a part of the fabric of society, like hearing Sinatra in the background or the Birthday song. Everywhere you turn, be it television, sports arenas, or department stores, we’re soaking it up… whether we realize it or not.

Surprisingly, this album only offers a few features from Future’s industry friends, like Young Thug and Gunna… you might actually call them disciples. In my opinion, the game is in the midst of rounding Future right now, but he’s definitely influenced the flows of many men.

But I’m not here to break down the state of the game in this moment, I’m here to examine the album “The Wizrd” by Future Hndrxx. In the words of the great Jay Z, this music review is “not to play games with you – it’s to aim at you”. This is a No Cap! Album Review. Let’s Go!

Off the top, these are the 3 hottest tracks on this album…

“Goin Dummi” by Future

“Ain’t Coming Back” by Future

“Tricks On Me” by Future

“Goin Dummi” is the best song on the album. It’s short, but this track is the most appealing piece Future has to offer. The beat pops with a bouncing bass kick. Flexing about his wrist pieces and models, he says “Everthing we do we goin dummi”, and “every watch I own on some nummi”.

With an effortless flow, Future hits the right energy, fun energy, and he relaxes into the song. No need to try so hard. In a hot verse he goes…

“You deserve to cha-cha, but girl, I want my chain-chain (Cha-cha)
We got all the choppas and we got all the bling-bling
Give a nigga that na-na, you get wet up, your dream-dream
Ain’t gon’ beg for it, my Bentley came with wing-wing”

This one is major hot. It’s got the right beat, Future chose the right flow, and DJs are going to love droppin’ it at the club.

On “Ain’t Coming Back”, Future let’s you know that he’s made it without selling his soul. His lyricism is on full display all over the song, as it feels like he’s getting something off of his chest. Speaking about haters and jealous ones that he has to dodge, it’s being speculated that he might be talking about his past relationship with a certain R&B beauty. Whatever the reason, you need to hear his expression on this one… I know I feel him. With lyrics like…

“Bitches suckin’ out my energy
She’ll fuck my brother for the currency
Dawg ho, and these dawgs ain’t free
Never on the shelf, always fresh to death
I don’t need a stylist, I can dress myself
Drugs in my system, don’t play it fair
Bitches take advantage, know I need help”

Future’s performance is hot with his timing and creative vocal inflections that have made him a winning artist. With a driving beat, and lyrics that finally reveal a piece of the actual man inside, this is the first we hear of serious music on this record.

Keeping it going with “Tricks On Me”, Future digs in strong to his melodic R&B expressions, all be it auto-tuned, but he knows what he’s doing and it shows. This jam offers a refreshing departure from the street and trap feel that dominates the album, and he deserves credit for having the ability to accomplish it.

In the intro, he actually mentions lawsuits for a moment. At one point in the last couple years, Future was facing two lawsuits at the same time from 2 women he has children with. Snapping lyrics like…

“Maybe my mind playin’ tricks on me (I’m so fuckin’ hurt)
Maybe my mind playin’ tricks on me (Maybe my mind)
Could it be my ex playin’ tricks on me?
Someone that’s jealous playin’ tricks on me (Someone that’s jealous, I know, I know)”

Remembering the murders of associates and Atlanta rappers Bankroll Fresh and Yung Mazi, he moans… “The streets of the ATL don’t respect nothin’ but shottas”. This is a very well done song, as it leaves you with a good feeling about the album you just listened to.

There are other notables on the record, like the two tracks that were used to launch the project, “Jumpin on a Jet” and “Crushed Up”. They’re both nice tracks and worth a listen – “Crushed Up” cranks pretty hard for sure. However they’re both quite emblematic of a blind obedience to a formulary music strategy, and they don’t seem or sound particularly interesting.

Instead of those two, I would point you to “Never Stop”. His performance is in the zone and the lyrics bubble hot. Interestingly though, even with my 3 hottest picks here, this album has a problem… a hotness problem. Too much attention paid to placement, program, and profits, and too little paid to hot product. Not one swing for the fence on this album, not one special song, and that should not be. Future fans will probably be satisfied, but he’s not gaining any new fans with this record.

This review is just an opinion. Music speaks to the heart, and every fan must find their own way.

I give “The Wizrd” by Future Hndrxx 3 out of 5 Daggers. There’s some fresh work on the project, but I do see flaws, and it does not Draw Blood.

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