Fetty Wap’s baby mamas, Lezhae Lowder, commonly known as Lezhae Zeona, and

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood’s Alexis Skyy, have some serious beef going on. Apparently, last night Lezhae showed up at a White Castle, giving her best version of “doing too much”, looking for Alexis Skyy. She hopped out of a car, had a knife, and shorty was looking to cut a bi**h – believe it.

It all started when Alexis Skyy and her friends decided to visit the club where Lezhae worked. We don’t really know what all happened, but maybe Alexis should have gone to another establishment, because TMZ reports that Lezhae lost her mind and went ballistic! They say she chased Alexis out of the club, and chunked bottles at her car while she tried to drive off.

Then after it was all over, like I said… doing too much, Ms. Lezhae followed Alexis’ crew to the freakin’ White Castle, and brought that smoke. That’s where she pulled a blade, and met her match in the form of Patterson NJ police. She was promptly arrested.

But let’s have a look at what’s up with Fetty Wap and all these baby mamas. They say Fetty Wap actually has 6 baby mamas and at least 7 babies. All of the kids are very young, since he didn’t start being such a lady killer until 2015 when he got rich – got that bag. Is there a thing in life more predictable than that?… Not one thing.

It looks like Love & Hip Hop Hollywood wouldn’t have a show if it weren’t for Fetty Wap, that’s real. They need to run him a check too, if you ask me. Let’s break it down a bit. You have his first baby mama, Ariel Reese, who’s said to be his original “Trap Queen”. Then you have Lazhae Zeona, the subject of this particular story, and she’s said to have two children by Fetty.

Add to that, Love & Hip Hop Hollywood stars Masika Kalyshia and Alexis Skyy. These two have been providing quality tv with plenty of drama over this subject matter. Not a lot is known about the other two baby mamas but we’ve been told that they do exist.

For the record, Lezhae Zeona, from the looks of it, has a history of pulling blades on people. Check her moves with Fetty Wap a few years ago…

This thing is crazy and getting crazier. We’re going to stay on top of it, and give it to you every time it drips… peace.

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