Look at how disrespectful and intimidating these teens are being toward a Native American war veteran. CNN reported how the teenager seen directly in front of the Native elder, named Nathan Phillips, wouldn’t let the gentleman pass, and defiantly stared him down, while his friends in MAGA gear cheered him on.

The man was chanting Native American healing prayers because he saw that this group was already arguing with an African American church group. This is what the scene looked like, as captured in this Instagram post…

Here is Nathan Phillips, in his own emotional words, after squaring off with these aggressive teenagers…

Apparently, these kids are from an all boys catholic school in Kentucky, and are in deep trouble with the leadership there. More importantly, it’s getting really scary now in this country for black and brown people. Hate is now being spread from the leader of the free world, our President Donald Trump. These young people have been raised by him, and are literally wearing his logo, as are teens of millions of Americans all across this land.

We are about music and entertainment here at, but these kinds of incidents are too implicative and consequential to ignore. Remember, just a short time ago, there was a group of young white teenage boys, in unison, making the most disgusting of hate symbols, the Nazi salute.

Young people don’t act like this on their own… they have to be taught and encouraged. It now looks like in America 2019, we’re teaching hate all over again.

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