Seattle Seahawks superstar quarterback, Russell Wilson, just responded to Future’s diss in a radio interview on Friday by simply tweeting this…

With the phrase, “All that matters. #Love”, Russell tries to take the high road. It’s a response to Future saying that Russell was “not being a man”, and asserting that his wife, Ciara, pushes him around. Future’s unusual aggression toward Russell does seem to coincide, exactly, with his new album release on the very same day, but for now, we’ll just assume it was a genuine expression of frustration.

However, we did a story on the very topic Future was venting about concerning Ciara. Pondering… why is she chosing to ring his phone directly so much? Check our work right here.

We’ll be watching for Future’s next move. Is he going to show us a jerk gene, or will he play it cool, we’ll see. Until the next time it drips, people… peace.

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