Chris Brown was arrested in Paris along with two members of his entourage after a woman claimed that he had raped her. TMZ is reporting the singer was indeed being held on suspicions of rape and various drug charges.

Apparently he and the young lady met each other at a club in Paris, club Le Crystal. After the club, she went back to Chris Brown’s hotel room, where somehow things must have gone awry because she’s now claiming she was raped.

However, they say he was there hanging out with this girl he’s dating, Ammika Harris. Here’s a picture of the two getting close…

Authorities there have 2 days to make up their minds as to whether they will charge him or not. They could also hold him in Paris without his passport for a very long time, thus stranding him there. We’re waiting on details as to what was going on, and what those friends of his were doing. He should surely realize by now that meeting strange girls in bars is not the move for him. What is he really looking for?

What’s wrong with Chris Brown?

We’ll be sure to update you when more develops. Until the next time it drips, friends… peace.

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