Wild-style YNW Melly just dropped the single “Mixed Personalities” featuring Kanye West, and it’s about to get hot. The single is from his brand new album, We All Shine, that was just released on January 17th. This guy is young, but he’s had to become very adept at dropping records from jail because as far as we know, he’s still locked up. He was arrested earlier this month in south FL on bs drug charges, so we wish him the best with that situation.

Getting Kanye West to feature on this single was a real accomplishment for YNW Melly, but it was also nothing short of genius because Kanye’s style matches up very well with the young rapper. The beat is hot, and the melody-driven R&B styled flows of both artists make for a very attractive sound. Kanye’s taken the “Murder On My Mind” star’s raw talent and showmanship and pushed it into the right direction, as they now have a perfectly positioned offering for the music scene right now. This jam is Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop all at the same time – great job.

The song has a perfect concept, especially considering the various issues and current events in the lives of each artist. However, it also seems to be missing something… a heart. It’s missing a lyrical focal point that the concept craves, but it’s just not there. Kind of like a business full of customers and employees, yet no one to manage it all. This song could be so much more. Still, with so many strengths, “Mixed Personalities” should still kill it – we’ll just have to wait and see.

I give “Mixed Personalities” by YNW Melly & Kanye West 3 out of 5 Daggers. It has the makings of an awesome hit, but it’s short on hot lyrics – it does not Draw Blood.

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