The City of Chicago was just handed another loss in the battle against R. Kelly in the wake of Lifetime’s docuseries “Surviving R. Kelly”.

TMZ is reporting that his lawyer, Melvin L. Sims III, says a judge just rejected the City’s request to shutdown R. Kelly’s Southside music studio. As you’ll remember, early last week, the cops and code enforcement officers raided the place. They ended up citing R. Kelly for 66 violations which add up to a ton of money.

They suspected that the R&B singer was living there, but a judge thinks not. His studio is allowed to continue to do business as usual, as long as repairs are done and R. Kelly removes his personal items.

I seriously doubt the City brought all those cops through just to end up empty handed. Looks like it’s R. Kelly 2 and City of CHI 0.

What do you guys think they were really looking for?

We’ll be paying attention to this situation for every little drip, fans… peace!

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