The major buzz going around is that superstar rapper Cardi B has just signed on to a Las Vegas residency with the Palms Casino Resort. Apparently, the Palms has recently undergone an almost $700 million renovation to add a new dayclub and nightclub. There’s a lot of money on the line, and this has to pay off, so they went big.

The new club will be called KAOS. It’s touting the hottest in cutting-edge entertainment technology and among other things, will feature a 360° revolving DJ booth. Cardi will be joined by other hot Hip Hop acts like G-Eazy and Skrillex. This thing could be a huge explosion of cash, never before seen in the history of Las Vegas residencies and deal making.

Never before has an international superstar artist in their prime signed on for a true Vegas residency. This could be a real turning-point in how the music industry and Las Vegas do business. Who’s next? Cardi B will definitely have some competition.

It’s going to be truly exciting to watch. We’ll be following every little drip. Let’s Go!

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