There are a bunch of reports going around making out like rapper T. I. condemned Travis Scott as “selfish” for his choice to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show. T. I. actually never said that word. When asked by a TMZ reporter did he think that Travis Scott wasn’t down for the Culture, a sentiment strongly expressed by entertainer Nick Cannon recently, T. I. responded first with “I don’t know”. T. I. then went on to offer life’s wisdom as to when any given man might know when it’s right to be “selfless”, but he did not rip into Travis by calling him selfish. Have a look…

Why is there such a rush for the media to exacerbate the tensions between rappers in the hip hop scene? Far too many artists and entertainers are showing their weak mentalities by eagerly taking the bait… Nick Cannon being just one example.

Travis Scott has reportedly gained community based non-profits $500,000 more money to peck from than they had before he agreed to perform at the big show. Who does that for people they don’t know, especially in the middle of what will probably be the most important single show of his entire career? Travis Scott is coming off one of the biggest records in all of 2018, Astroworld. He is exactly where he’s supposed to be, doing exactly what he should be doing. Why are so many others out of pocket?

If NFL players feel so strongly, as strongly as the public does about police brutality and social injustices, they can simply quit, just like anyone one else. It’s called putting your money where your mouth is. It doesn’t seem right that everyone else has to turn down NFL employment while athletes laugh all the way to the bank. Think… The media is getting paid. Athletes and the NFL are getting paid, but rappers have to turn down good money? Nah… that’s a sucka move. Think…

If the community, the “Culture”, wants to hurt the NFL’s pockets – they can just turn the channel, but they don’t. Get your money Travis Scott.

We’ll be paying attention to see just what drips of this situation, friends. Until next time… peace.