Michael Jackson sexual abuse accusers, Wade Robinson and James Safechuck, are having their stories told at the Sundance Film Festival. Though the Pop star is now deceased, HBO feels duty-bound to bring to life this telling of events. There is also still a very wealthy and powerful estate, and they’re not happy about HBO’s boldness. TMZ reports The Michael Jackson Estate says these men are lying, and we all know that they have the money and the power to make a lot of trouble for HBO.

Both accusers tell very similar stories of how Michael Jackson allegedly sexually abused them in graphic details. James Safechuck says Michael taught him to masturbate and introduced him to pornography, and both men claim they had anal sex with Michael Jackson. They both also say they were coached to lie and trained in cover-up tactics when visitors would arrive to Michael Jackson’s home, as they spent extensive time alone with the singer.

As usual, there’s little explanation as to what the parents of these young boys were doing while their very young children spent so much time alone with Michael Jackson, other than very vague expressions of how blinded they were by the singer’s fame.

After Lifetime’s huge success with “Surviving R. Kelly”, we speculated as to who would be the next superstar to earn a scathing documentary for the wrong reasons. Though Michael is deceased, it seems this issue is still very much alive for those that were affected.

We’re going to be paying attention to see just what drips next from this story. We’ll let you know when we know. Until next time…

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