Celebrity Drip


Why is The Game still bragging about sex with Kim Kardashian? He had a listening party Thursday night where he debuted a track that graphically described how he treated Kim Kardashian during fellatio. The rehashing has become all the buzz because he clearly states her name and also offers somewhat of an apology to her husband, Kanye West. Have a listen…

Kanye West has proven to be very sensitive to any speech by anyone about his wife, so a response from him is pretty much guaranteed. He recently almost busted a vein upset that rapper Drake simply followed Kim on Instagram. Kim is married now, and has been living her best life for a long time since dating The Game. Is this just a move to get hype for The Game’s new release – is he that desperate?

The Game has taken time out of his busy schedule before just to mention these famous Kardashians… in the past he claimed that he has slept with all 3 sisters. We know that Kim Kardashian is definitely on his mind, but do you guys think he’s making himself look small by continuing to use this woman to get attention? Talk…

Until the next time it drips, people… peace.

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