Successfully beating something as difficult as drug and alcohol addiction is always a life altering endeavor – addiction is crushing, and it wants to take all of you. Popstar Demi Lovato, unfortunately, has the added pressures of coping with mental and psychological issues like an eating disorder and bipolar disorder. Addiction is fueled by these kinds of illnesses and mental challenges, as the vicious cycle can and does consume entire lifetimes. Beating addiction requires full and complete focus on the part of any addict, if they’re truly serious about their sobriety. See how she celebrated 6 months being clean and sober…

That’s why it’s so striking that Demi Lovato is dating her, said to be, sober companion Henry Levy, a fashion desiger. It’s baffling that he, a survivor of very recent issues with drug addiction himself, continues to openly confuse the lines of mentor and love interest.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to understand that people in rehab, or those that are otherwise recovering from drug addiction, do develop feelings for others that share treatment programs with them. After all, they’re sharing very personal and very painful issues in the most emotional of ways with these acquaintances.

Still, one of the first things a sober companion learns is not to cross the line. Demi Lovato and Henry Levy are flat-out dating. It’s been said that her family supports this move, but it doesn’t seem to make good sense and I’m willing to bet that position is a bit of an exaggeration. Furthermore, Henry Levy may be a sober companion now, but he can’t be far removed from full-blown addiction himself, as he’s only 27 years old. Given her years-long challenges, wouldn’t Demi Lovato be better served by a sober companion with a little more experience being sober?

Just imagine… what if? What if they break up? What is Demi Lovato to do then? What if she finds herself left with no sober companion and no boyfriend, at the same time? We all know how horrible and traumatic life can be when we lose a lover. This just doesn’t seem like a good position for her to be in.

What do you guys think… is this a safe situation for Demi?

We’re hoping for the best and will be paying close attention to what happens next with this situation. Until the next time it drips, friends… peace.