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Despite getting a threatening letter last week, Jussie turned down additional security, while in Chicago filming. TMZ is reporting that after the letter was received, the whole crew was given security while filming, and Jussie was offered additional security 24-7. Not wanting to be a bother, he opted to not have security while on his off time. A fateful move that turned out to be because he was attacked just a week later. Here’s a copy of the threatening letter…

We told you yesterday that Jussie was jumped at 2 AM while on a food run to Subway. He was beaten severely, had his ribs broken, and the attackers poured bleach on him and also put a noose around his neck. Apparently, he still had the noose on when police arrived.

Our cover picture is a Facetime capture from producer Lee Daniels while talking to Jussie. It has since been taken down from Lee Daniels’ site. I’m sure Jussie Smollett never thought he would get caught up in this kind of violent situation, but it’s a cold world out there.

We’ll be back with more updates soon. Until the next time it drips… peace.

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