Actor and R&B singer Tyrese has filed a motion claiming his ex-wife, Norma Gibson, has violated their custody agreement over daughter, Shayla. Apparently, Norma left Shayla in the care of a friend for a night while she flew off to Trinidad for a few days. The particulars are a bit fuzzy, but at issue is one night.

In documents obtained by TMZ, Tyrese says that move by his ex denied him his right of first refusal, thereby violating the custody agreement. He wants Norma to explain herself to a judge, and it looks like she will have to do just that as the court granted his request for a hearing.

Still, Tyrese didn’t mention that he had any concern about the friend Shayla stayed the night with. He also didn’t assert it was an ongoing problem. If this request were serious, shouldn’t there be more to the story? Some say Tyrese seems to be paying a lot of attention to his ex-wife, and not his current wife, Samantha Gibson, who has a new daughter with Tyrese. See the couple here…

Custody battles are always intense, but is Tyrese losing sight of the peace that’s right in front of his eyes?

We’ll be paying attention to this situation, and we’ll bring it to you every time it drips.

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