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Good news for Alexis Skyy’s baby girl, Alaiya! She went home yesterday from the hospital after a frightening health scare. We told you recently her daughter, whose father is rapper Fetty Wap, had to have emergency brain surgery last weekend. Aexis Skyy was traveling with her daughter form ATL to NY when she noticed little Alailya was struggling, and had to rush her to the hospital soon after landing. Doctors performed emergency surgery that day. But look at her now…

As you can see, Alaiya is back to being a smiling bundle of joy, and mother Alexis lets her appreciation be known in the post. Alaiya was born a full three months early with a condition called hydrocephalus, which causes fluid and bleeding on the brain. She was also in the NICU for several months before she was allowed to come home, as she only weighed 1 pound at birth. Maintaining good health has been a struggle for little Alaiya, but still, she smiles. Great news for the baby, and a huge relief for her loving parents.

We’ll be paying attention for all available updates with this story, and we’ll bring it to you every time it drips. Until next time…

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