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It’s been revealed today that rap superstar and infamous gang member, Tekashi69, pled guilty to all 9 counts in federal court on January 23rd. TMZ broke the news earlier today and has been going through the documents ever since. What they found is Tekashi69 singing like a bird. He, apparently, admits to a smorgasbord of criminal activity that includes firearms, racketeering and drugs.

He told the judge in full detail about all of his illicit activities, and dropped dime on a lot of his criminal cohorts. He admits to selling drugs, racketeering, conspiracy with others in an attempted murder of a rival gang member, and robbing a rival gang member at gunpoint. He also admitted to paying a fellow gang member to shoot at rapper Chief Keef and his crew, and even named the triggerman in that circumstance as well.

Tekashi69’s often referred phrase as to why he did these things was, “to increase my own standing in the Nine Trey”. Absent any reasonable excuse for his activities, Tekashi69 is hoping for a plea deal to get him out of jail with a reduced sentence. He’s not set to be officially sentenced for all these offenses until January 24th of next year. That means federal investigators just gained themselves a new parrot, all year long.

We’re going to be watching this story to see what drips next. Until next time, people.

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