Controversial rapper and Fyre Festival organizer Ja Rule wants all of his fans to get their frustrations out of their system, as he led a chant last night on stage that said, “F*** you Ja Rule”! Listen to how he tried to help the crowd at his show get past these tough times…

As you may know, the disastrous and now criminal endeavor of the Fyre Festival concert series was profiled in dueling documentaries by Hulu and Netflix last weekend. Ja Rule was featured prominently, though he has nothing to add to either production. He comes off as very culpable in both tellings, as one of his partners in the Fyre Festival debacle suffered criminal convictions for fraud. For his part, Ja Rule says he too was deceived and promises his fans that he will tell his side of the story on his own time table.

We’ll be paying attention to this story and will definitely let you know when he decides to respond. Until next time, people… peace.

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