Soulja Boy says the woman that accused him of beating her and then kidnapping her last weekend is a big liar. His reps tell TMZ that Soulja Boy never came outside and never even saw her that night. They say she’s just irate because Soulja dumped her, and called off their relationship.

By their account, the woman, who goes by Kayla, came over Friday night under the influence, and crashed her car in Soulja Boy’s driveway. A party was going on inside, Soulja Boy’s manager came outside to let Kayla know that she needed to leave, but instead, Kayla attacked her and the two women fought. The whole time, Soulja never left the house. No beating, and no being being held against her will in a garage.

Just to recap, according to Soulja Boy’s camp, this “Lifetime” movie plot of a night was just all in Kayla’s intoxicated head. That’s a huge difference in the two stories – police shouldn’t have a hard time figuring this one out. One thing’s for sure, Soulja Boy’s fans are breathing a sigh of relief, now that he’s finally come out and denied these frightening claims.

We’ll be watching for every little drip of this situation, and bring it to you when it happens. Until next time, peace.

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