Not sure why Fox News host Tomi Lahren is spending so much of her time insulting rappers these days, but she probably just got what she’s been looking for.

Rapper, The Game, just tore into Tomi Lahren in a very nasty and profanity laced Instagram tirade. Turns out Tomi has been making jokes and mocking rapper, 21 Savage, amidst what is likely to be a very consequential arrest and detention from ICE agents over the weekend. Among other things, she mashed up the words to one of 21 Savage’s songs to mock and make fun of the guy.

Apparently, The Game had heard enough, and posted an unflattering picture of Tomi with a long rant of sexual digs and insults about her appearance. We can’t use most of it here, but this is how he ended his message to her…

“Here’s some advice: stay out of the tanning salon, You’re starting to look like a sick tangerine. Someone please recommend a good burn center for her”.

Undoubtedly, Tomi will buck back, so get your popcorn. Until the next time it drips, people.

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