Soulja Boy, “Mr Drako”, himself is back with yet another new track for 2019. This one is called “Intro” and comes with a hot new visual that features Soulja Boy on the streets being fawned over by his fans. He’s been unleashing new music with a furious flurry lately, trying to keep the streets hot until his new album drops this July.

You may say that is a long way off, and it is. However, Soulja Boy is an entertainment veteran, and already, he’s created more buzz in one month of 2019 than most any other artist in the game.

Fresh off a new deal, Soulja’s new track “Intro” encapsulates what his message will be for the upcoming album. With a heavy and hard trap beat, Soulja’s telling us about his riches, how high he gets, and threatening much gun play, for sure. Unfortunately, the track has no hook, but it does need one. The track is called “Intro,” but it’s actually a full length song, and it at least needs some hot word play as a center piece. “Intro” does have an energy that pops fresh, but Soulja Boy’s flow on the beat just wasn’t performed very well – he should’ve ran that back again. Also unfortunately, production didn’t make up for any gaps on this one either.

I give “Intro” by Soulja Boy 2 out of 5 Daggers. I like the visual because Souja’s entertaining, but this track has major problems.

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