2019 is barely off the ground and Ariana Grande is already back with another album. Rapid fire release is common in this social media raging world – things change in a flash and new music becomes old incredibly fast. The singer acknowledged the quick pace by pondering the notion of dropping two albums within six months on Twitter.

The new work, called “Thank U, Next, ” is only a 12-piece, and the race to a drop date has suffered a major snag as Ariana and Grammy producers have failed to negotiate her performance at this year’s Grammy Awards show. With the album dropping the very same weekend, it’s hard to believe Ariana’s camp didn’t move the project, specifically, to make the big show.

However, big-money productions and entertainment drama to the side, I’ve come to put my scope on Ariana Grande’s new album, “Thank U, Next.” This is a No Cap! Album Review! Let’s get to work.

First off, these are the 3 hottest tracks on the record…

Thank U, Next

Fake Smile


The best song on the album is the title track, “Thank U, Next.” It’s got the complete combination of the right attributes a hit song, a good song, really needs, hands down. The track is hot, the writing is kind of perfect, and given her personal life at the time of release, “Thank U, Next” is that one, no question about it. Not to mention that Ariana’s personal performance on the record was flawless. We heard this song first in the run up to the album’s release, so the fact that it’s so good is no surprise.

Another hot track is called “Fake Smile.” This song prominently features a sample of an old soul song from the 60’s, then jumps into Ariana telling the listener how she’s tired of the routine of her life and how tired she is of all the fake smiles. With lyrics like…

“I can’t fake another smile. I can’t fake like I’m alright. Fu** a fake smile,”

Ariana is keeping her screw-the-world, rude girl attitude going, and it seems to be working for her.  

“Bloodline” seems to be another standout on the album that delivers a popping rhythm with some reggae styled horns, and a Ska skip to the beat. In this one, she’s enticing the wrong kind of lover with sexy challenges, spinning lyrics like…

“Pull it down, then it’s time to go. Get it like you love me, but you don’t, boy, it’s just for show. Take it or leave it. I don’t want you in my Bloodline, yuh. Just want to have a good time, yuh”.

Another hot track on the album is of course, “7 Rings.” Right now it’s sitting atop Billboard’s HOT 100 chart. Apparently this is the song Ariana and producers at the Grammy Award show had the big dust up about. There’s also a track called “Bad Idea” that sounds hot, and I really like it, but it lacks a bit of the lyrical depth that it seems to need. Still, if you don’t think and just feel… it satisfies.

There are a couple of noticeable consequences to rushing this album, as it only has 12 songs. That’s a little short in today’s world. Also, even though there are several hot songs here, there doesn’t seem to be anything you can’t live without. There’s nothing that makes the listener hunger for the song. If you’re an Ariana Grande fan, you may hunger for her, but there doesn’t seem to be a song that demands your attention. There is nothing like, “Love Me Harder” or even, “God Is A Woman”, on this record.

Ariana Grande has a wonderful voice, so there’s enough here to enjoy this offering, especially for her fans. Music is a matter of the heart, so every listener must decide for themselves how they feel.

I give “Thank U, Next” by Ariana Grande 3 out of 5 Daggers. Ariana’s voice is a force of nature, and there’s some hot work here, but it lacks real heart and relies too much on Ariana’s popularity – it does not Draw Blood.

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