Ariana Grande is in an epic conflict with the producer of this Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Ken Ehrlich. She outright calls him a straight-up liar. He did an interview where he claimed Ariana wouldn’t be performing at this year’s Grammys because she, basically, didn’t have her act together.

Ariana wants us all to know that it just isn’t true. She says the issue was concerning song selection. She wanted to perform “7 rings, ” as it’s a monster hit on the charts right now, but he wouldn’t have it. They just couldn’t agree on a deal.

Meanwhile, for weeks now, Ariana has been featured everywhere one can look in advertisements for the big night. Apparently, Ehrlich didn’t secure a deal for her to perform beforehand, and she thinks he’s using her as cover for his shoddy, last-minute dealmaking.

However, TMZ reported that in the end, Ariana agreed to do a medley, as long as it included “7 rings,” but Ehrlich also turned that deal down. Ariana believes his ego and arrogance got in the way. She says that when it became clear to Ehrlich that he would lose her as a performer, that’s when he started making up lies.

This is unfortunate for both parties because she’s dropping her new album tomorrow, and it will likely be a smash, but it won’t be heard at the 2019 Grammy Awards.

We’ll give you updates as this thing develops. There’s still time to make a deal. Until the next time it drips…

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