Tucked in the cockpit of a brand new bright orange Corvette, Lil Baby was dipping down a Georgia highway yesterday, with State Troopers right behind. They say he was switching lanes and making dangerous moves trying to get away, as he tormented cops with the muscle of a legendary engine.

He almost got away with it – but Atlanta traffic is just a bitch. Police say Lil Baby couldn’t get through a traffic jam that developed and maneuver himself away, so they finally nabbed him.

We just found out that he made bail and is back on the street, but this is the message he posted around midnight last night…

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ASAP ….. 💨

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As you can see, his message is complete with a “Fu** The Police” shout out to go with it. So far, he’s been charged with fleeing or attempting to elude police, reckless driving, and other things. There have been no reports of any drugs or weapons being found, so he should be fine when the court date arrives.

We’ll be watching to see how he’s treated, and we’ll bring you every little drip of this situation. Until next time… peace.

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